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Plasma fibroblast skin lifting

+ BB Glow European Skin 2.0

with the safest plasma & derma pens in Europe

go from zero to hero in plasma skin lifting and BB Glow Treatment. Do more than 30 the most popular procedures (from non-surgical facelift to BB Glow) on the safest and effective plasma and derma pens in the world.

100% Safe. Effective. Certified. Guaranteed.


More than 30 the most demanded 

cosmetology procedures in one training course and 

revolutionary multi-plasma device

Visible and stable result after the first procedure. Approximately 20 times cheaper than plastic surgery. In ~8 times more effective than laser therapy
Look at the photo. No Photoshop and stolen from the Internet the results of other procedures. Everything is done by us and our students.
Each work will confirm
the contacts and customer reviews. 


Non-surgical face lifting

Cost of the procedure: 400 – 1500 $

Duration of procedure: 15-30 min.

Elimination of skin flaccidity
on the abdomen

Cost of the procedure: 600 – 1200 $

Duration of procedure: 30-45 min.

Elimination of forehead wrinkles

Cost of the procedure: 200 – 700 $

Duration of procedure: 25-35 min.

Removal of nevi, warts, papilloma, pigment spots

Cost of the procedure: 200 – 500 $

 Duration of procedure: 10-25 min.

Alignment of the face contour, wrinkles around the ear

Cost of the procedure: 300 – 800 $

Duration of procedure: 20-45 min

Elimination of wrinkles: around the eyes and around the mouth

Cost of the procedure: 500 – 800 $

Duration of procedure: 15-30 min.

Plasma Mesotherapy

Cost of the procedure: 200 $

Duration of procedure: 35 min.

Plasma Shower

Cost of the procedure: 200 $

Duration of procedure: 35 min.

Super novelty: 

Plasma Lips Augmentation

Without fillers. Without any injections. Painlessly. Result after one treatment.

Removal of tattoo, tattoos

Cost of the procedure: 200-400 $. Duration of procedure: 35 min.

And also ... removal of tattoo, tattoos; treatment of acne, post acne; removal of stretch marks, capillaries, veins on the nose, under the eyes of hernias,
stretch marks on the chest and that's not all.

The most effective and safest 

plasma pen in the world «Beauty Monster Professional»

Before choosing a plasma-pen, carefully study
7 fundamental differences of "Beauty Monster Black"
from the Chinese "burners" and the European "plasma-sticks"

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100% safe and certified + healing on 35% faster 

visible result after 1 procedure

Beauty Monster Black

Safe exposure + fast healing + visible result

The smaller the ablation point that the plasma-pen puts, the faster the full recovery period. The «Beauty Monster» plasma needle tip  is ultra-thin.
Ablation dots are light and very small.  This allows to reduce the healing period up to 35%. With such an effect, there is no chance of pigmentation or tissue perforation.

Other devices / plasma-pens

Aggressive burn effect

The size of the ablation dots of other devices is quite big and deep.
The color of the dots is bright red. As a consequence:

1) The probability of burn skin and leave perforated dots.

2) According to reviews, after healing remain reddish pigment dots and round dimples (tissue perforation) in places of treatment that do not pass with time.

3) The process and period of healing from a strong impact up to 35% longer.

Stable quasi-neutral arc. Without warming of underlying tissues. 

Without burns and risk for eyes.

Beauty Monster Black

Stable quasi-neutral arc

Plasma arc in "Beauty Monster" plasma-pen is quasi-neutral, i.e. the number of positively and negatively charged particles is the same. Therefore, the ablation dots (in the photo above) without burnt affect, without warming the underlying tissues and risks to the eyes.

Other devices / plasma-pens

Unstable electric arc

In the other plasma-pens (especially Chinese) the arc is extremely unstable and contains a greater number of electrons, which burn the skin, forming brown edging. Therefore, the work of such devices is likely to get burned tissue, scarring and post-traumatic pigmentation.

16 levels of plasma exposure for any skin type

Beauty Monster Black

16 levels of plasma exposure

The plasma device "Beauty Monster" has 4 levels of power and 4 frequency range of exposure. This allows you to choose from 16 modes the one that is most suitable specifically for the selected area, skin type and depending on the procedure.

Other devices / plasma-pens

from 1 to 3 level

For example, plasma pen by Louise Walsh has no force adjustment and level of impact on the treated skin. That is, the device has only one level of exposure regardless of the skin type (thin/thick), regardless of the place of treatment (eyelid skin/abdominal skin).

The thinnest plasma needle on the market

Beauty Monster Black

Ultra-thin plasma needle

Plasma pen «Beauty Monster» has ultra-thin needle tip. This allows to make small dots of ablation and reduce the healing period to 35%.

All tips made of special high-alloyed Japanese steel: SUS316.

Other devices / plasma-pens

Standard and thick needles

For the most plasma-pens, needle thickness is standard. The smaller the ablation dots that the plasma pen makes, the faster the full recovery period.

All tips are made of medical steel "SUS 316"

Beauty Monster Black

Medical steel "SUS 316"

In the original plasma pen, the tips are made of special medical steel with maximum conductivity.

Other devices / plasma-pens

Cheap zinc, iron

In the analogues tips are made of cheap zinc, iron mixed with heavy metals.

5 functional tips for more than 30 procedures

Beauty Monster Black

5 types of multi-plasma tips

Plasma-Pen "Beauty Monster Black" has 5 types of tips:

1) Plasma tip (for non-surgical facelift)

2) Fractional tip (for plasma mesotherapy, removal of pigmentation and couperosis)

3) Thermal tip (for plasma peeling, work with large surfaces)

4) Mini-plasma tip (for sensitive areas)

5) Conical tip (combines both thermal and plasma energy at the same time, suitable for work with post-acne, scars, scars)

Other devices / plasma-pens

1-2 tips

For example,  plasma pen by Louise Walsh and most Chinese plasma-pens from Ali-Express use only one type of tip.

Clients trust you the most expensive - beauty and health.
Do not risk your reputation for the benefit of using cheap imitations and not passing high-quality certified training.



Over 800 top masters from 17 countries of the world have entrusted their reputation to the «Beauty Monster Academy»

Unlike other devices (with one level and one tip), the device "Beauty Monster" has 4-level system of plasma exposure (depending on the type of skin; treatment sites) and 3 functional tips, allowing for a variety of procedures.

Plasma tip

for non-surgical facelift, elimination of skin flabbiness on the neck, abdomen, removal of fibromas, warts, etc.